I really loved this article. I was thinking about some of the data points you brought up the other day but in the context of people reading and its possible effects on and connections to phenomena like loneliness or lack of empathy.

I also am in agreement with the need for art to create more mythology for people to find themselves in. Star Wars is a great example and I am elated that you used it. I am a teacher and find myself often thinking about Harry Potter in this way.

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What a great point about loneliness and lack of empathy and its connection to a lack of reading. Great books, great stories create a shared psychic space that we can all share together and relate to one another. Myths do this the best, obviously, but even a book like Catcher in the Rye or The Bell Jar does this, too. It gives us shared symbols and shorthand to have conversations and connection that is just too hard to have otherwise.

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Hi Brendan, Thanks for the reply.

I have really enjoyed reading your writing. I stumbled across your writing through the Storytelling You course with Paul Kix. I was wondering if there was any way I might be able to pick your brain sometime, as someone who is trying to build an audience for my writing.

Regardless, thanks, and keep cranking out some good stuff.

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