I thought this was an interesting article. I have felt the same way many many times in my life. I have always felt that doing things "the old school way" was the best way for me to wrap my mind around things and then go at them authentically. I also feel that with modern technology and social media, we are not being pulled in ten different directions, rather we are voluntarily giving ourselves up as a tribute to be sent out in one hundred different directions at one time. We try to do so many things that we often fail to invest time and energy into doing one thing well.

Great article. I am trying to become a better writer and I was hoping I could ask you, Brendan, if you recommend Paul Wix's course for someone who has no history of writing professionally. Someone who loves writing and is just trying to find a way to write better and more authentically. Thanks!

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Hey Nicolas! I missed your comment but I’ll say upfront that I 100% recommend Paul Kix’s course for all levels of writers. I think newcomers and experienced writers alike receive something from the program, which helps you better conceptualize what is a story, why storytelling is important, and how to find the stories you want to tell.

And yes, I think your idea of doing things “the old school way” is a good one. Technology isn’t going away and so it’s important we each develop boundaries and limits around our personal relationships to these technologies. Otherwise, yes, you will get lost in the Matrix and pulled a hundred million directions.

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